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Ice Grill - The Smile Specialist

6th St SE, Winter Haven is distinct with the dreams and wishes of children. Depending on the time of day, as you travel south, you will see these youth walking toward their purpose or driving toward success, excitedly sharing their plans to ‘B.Rich.’ Early hours of the morning, before passing promises of sweet and cool treats at Cain’s, you can see the students of Winter Haven High strolling with graduation intentions. Or maybe you catch a riding glimpse of the elementary students of Brigham playing behind the fence along their school’s field. A mirror flip and zig zag Tetris block away are the doors of Denison Middle, open to guiding the awkward stages of tweens. A good neighbor, not Jake, but Jon, is nestled snuggly amidst to all the would be aspirations, in the chic office of Scott Orthodontics with its sign illuminating the sidewalks many may occupy.

In the ‘The Smile Specialists’ building where conversations of alignment, arrangements, spaces and goals carry the room, making the choice for the first ‘B. Rich in Community’ highlight a natural one; all from an organic meeting between doctor and client. Dr. Jonathan Scott sat with The B. Rich Project, Inc. at his Winter Haven location and discussed the plays that brought him out of a hockey jersey and into his orthodontic scrubs.

“In the beginning, I played as a forward, and then I was the goalie by the end of my career. I played about nine years, until about the middle of high school.” Nine years is quite the commitment, for anyone but especially a child in their formidable years, where the lights of fame are the most attractive and the hopes of professional athletic careers are the most ambitious. Yet, for Dr. Scott, his love for his sport and his desire for long term success were able to exist separately. He embraced his options for what would become his ‘Plan B.Rich’ and took another path.

“As a sophomore in high school, I started to think about college and I started to think about what I was going to do after high school. And would hockey or sports have a part in that for me. And one of the concerns I had was that if I were to pursue hockey, would it take me where I wanna go, would I be able to do that as long as I need to do it…would that be the right path for me? I determined at that time, it wasn’t,” Dr. Scott had a built in ‘Plan B.Rich’ his family business, allowing him the space of always knowing his identity was not limited to him being an athlete. This is a cornerstone of The B.Rich Project, Inc., providing students with the ability to observe other careers options, network with local business owners, tour various colleges, and facilitate holistic workshops in order to present the ideal that success can be found in more places that what one initially believes. “I think that being drawn to the big programs is natural but sometimes we’ve gotta realize the opportunities that are in front of us that may not at the moment seem like the most glamorous, or most important, but set us up for future opportunities,” says Dr. Scott. And that’s the play, guiding your passion with a plan that offers multi-interests like a well designed playbook where there’s more than one way drawn to one’s dream.

To view full interview, click here.


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