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"An exclusive group of top tier seniors will be invited to experience a sports weekend of a life time..."


Polk County boys


Name:  Isaiah Turner

Alias:  zae

Birth Date:  12/01/00

High School:  Bloodhound

College skill set:  sg/sf Whatever you want I can give it 2 you (Shoot it...pass it..pat it)

Interests: Getting to the next level


Name:  Malique Calixte

Alias:  Raja or rajaleek 

Birth Date:  june 6th

High School:  

College skill set:  Floor general...scorer

Interests:  Outside of ball...none

Rashad Jr.jpg

Name:  Khalid Rashad Jr

Alias:  n/a

Birth Date:  07/24/01

High School: Bloodhound 

College skill set:  rebounding pf, shot blocker, shooter...

Interests:  Getting getter at all aspects of the game


Name:  Stevel Johnson

Alias:  steve

Birth Date:  02/13/01

High School:  Lake Region

College skill set:  All Around player

Interests:  joining the army


Name:  Javiez Williams

Alias: N/A

Birth Date:  

High School:  Lakeland Senior 

College skill set:  Getting to the basket


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